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Santoprene Duct Hoses

Pik India is a esteemed organisation who has been in the line of manufacturing Santoprene duct Hoses Since 1978. Acknowledged as the pioneer in non-tyre product innovation and is prime supplier to Defence, Industrial, Automotive and Consumer Markets. Pik India manufacture the widest range of ducts hoses for Mineral, fuel oil, Steam, Air, Gas, Water and other liquids and fluids and manufacture other hose tube and pipe for numerous Industries as per their design and specifications.


50mm to 600mm dia in 4 to Mtrs. Lengths +/- 2% Withstand Temperature: -40�C to +130�C. Colour : Black.
SANTOPRENE Hose made with continuous Spring Steel Wire/PVC .Extruder Reinforcement Helix between Thermo Plastic Rubber is abrasion resistant, holds up extremely well against damage by Weather, Oils & Ozone. No solvents are used in the construction of this product. Santoprene Hose produced by a process that assures a very smooth inside diameter as well as strength and durability.
APPLICATION:  Excellent choice for a wide range of applications, including Exhaust, Ventilation fume removal and light duty material handling & suitable for use in many different industrial sectors.

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